Promoting My Music On iTunes

How do you promote my album or songs on iTunes?
With a lot of continuous work building iMixes,ratings and writing reviews. It is possible to market your music on iTunes. We save you time and money by doing this work for you. We add values based on marketing principles to position your music for discovery while targeting new sales for your music.

What is an iMix?
Think of it as a playlist that you share with the entire iTunes community. It's designed to help the listener, but it is also a wonderful promotional vehicle for artists.

What results can I expect?
Success relies on three factors. Positioning your music to be discovered,ratings and reviews. Results may vary from the amount of iMixes that are submitted.

Hypothetically,let's say you have chosen a 30 iMix promotion for $137. With popular ratings,those 30 iMixes generate 350 sales of your songs on iTunes. You've just recouped your investment and profited $71 even after Apple takes their cut.

How many iMix promotions will I receive?
We can create iMixes to promote your entire album or just a few songs. 
Depending on your level of urgency, there are three packages to choose from:
10 iMix Promotions ($27)
30 iMix Promotions ($57)
60 iMix Promotions ($127)

Which iTunes store do you promote in?
Currently we focus on the US iTunes store. International stores are planned in the near future.

Do you deliver music to itunes?
MusicianPromote is focused on helping your marketing strategy. At times we may have special offers with partnered digital music distribution services.

Can I receive a refund?

Yes, for two reasons. If Apple Inc. decides to cancel iMix support while your order is in progress, or If for some unknown reason you do not receive your order within 30 days.

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