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11 All's Well

All's Well

Artist: PYRAEL
Genre: Metal | Album: INSANITY
Plays: 3 Downloads: 0
12 The Cleansing

The Cleansing

Artist: Hums In The Dark
Genre: Metal | Album: World Of Syncope
Plays: 3 Downloads: 0
13 The Occidental Apology

The Occidental Apology

Genre: Metal | Album: In the Shadow of the Black Palm Tree
Plays: 2 Downloads: 0
14 Payment Is Due

Payment Is Due

Artist: Nutr
Genre: Metal | Album: Devious Thoughts
Plays: 2 Downloads: 1
15 A Good Day To Die

A Good Day To Die

Artist: Revolution Riot
Genre: Metal | Album:
Plays: 2 Downloads: 0
16 Insurrect


Artist: Unbound Retention
Genre: Metal | Album:
Plays: 2 Downloads: 0
17 Old Road

Old Road

Artist: Skipetr
Genre: Metal | Album:
Plays: 2 Downloads: 1
18 Wasted Man

Wasted Man

Artist: Mirage Town
Genre: Metal | Album: Mirage Town
Plays: 1 Downloads: 0
19 Cowboy


Artist: Sophist
Genre: Metal | Album: The Instrumental EP
Plays: 1 Downloads: 0
20 Red Boy

Red Boy

Artist: NOM
Genre: Metal | Album: Red Boy in the World of Dreams
Plays: 1 Downloads: 0
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