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Artists Press Release

by: admin

MusicianPromote and WHO IT IS FOR

MusicianPromote consistently innovates ways to help the independent musician, music fans and industry professionals meet. Our community offers a complete, effective,economic and time saving way for musicians to easily market their music on the Internet. For music fans to effortlessly find and promote the music they love and conveniently make the job  of finding and managing new talent for Music Industry professionals,Venues and Media a breeze.



MusicianPromote provides musicians a marketing tool FPK™ (Free Electronic Press Kit) as part of our services. Artists can gain publicity by  targeted music promotions in the form of campaigns. Each campaign can be tracked in a full report or email to the artist. Artist can also utilize innovative internet marketing tools such as real time WebStats,FanMailer,BlogIt,PressSubmit and our iTunes Playlist Creator to spread there music across the Internet.


You love the music you hear from your favorite bands,right? But only MusicianPromote gives back to you for promoting the artist by paying you cash. Each ad,links,widget or articles of your favorite band you place on your email,Blog,Social Network page etc. We'll pay you for web traffic you bring the artist. It's a great way to make money from your site or blog.


Discovering new talent doesn't get any easier. With FREE reviewer specific accounts (Media,Venues,Labels,Blogs) that are design to meet your needs and lets you review and manage artist then download just what you need to do your job. Create and track advertisements to invite artist to your events,promos and contest,for a low flat monthly fee.


Our competition offers some services similar to those we provide. However, MusicianPromote brings all of the Important marketing ingredients together under one umbrella! In other words,MusicianPromote functions as a WMO (Website Management Office) for Artist & Bands. From creation and submission of your press kit, writing of press releases, tour support, networking support and tracking of your electronic press kit submissions, we do it all!

Secure Credit Card Processing

We use PayPal,2CO and WorldPay for our credit card processing. So YES, it is secure.


As a music producer I've always heard clients ask me "How do I get my music heard?" This is an old question that has many answers. As a musician I would consistently shop my CD around to record labels, music attorneys and just about anyone I thought would listen. I realized that most musicians had the very same problem. They would sell their CD's at gigs but still had little exposure. I began to work on a solution for all musicians that seriously wanted to gain a global  presence. MusicianPromote is the fruit out of those efforts!

Welcome to MusicianPromote. I'm sure that you'll agree what we have to offer will benefit all in the Music Industry of today.

Fred Demming



27 Oct 2008 04:51 PM    tag: About
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