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Violent Faith
Artist - Violent Faith
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Last update: 04/23/15 18:46:38

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Michigan (MI)
Members: Tracy Kerbuski / Gary Thomas Hoag / Brent Ferris / Adam Brege
Genre: Hard Rock
Influences: Crossfade, Earshot, 3 Days Grace, Chevelle, Evans Blue
Violent Faith

Recently formed in 2010 in the Quad-State area with
Founding members Tracy Kerbuski & Gary Thomas Hoag, who with many years of combined... experience are compiling their first full length album.

Tracy Kerbuski, formerly of Drop Hammer (Metal Blade Recs.),
Steel Vengeance (Black Dragon Recs. & Giant Recs.), Bold Face,
Ten Ton Krush. Has teamed up with local friend and guitarist,
Gary Thomas, formerly of: Shadow Status, Touch Hole, Driven, Neptune Is Burning, Fever, Unearthed, and Hyatus.

Taking unreleased songs by Tracy Kerbuski along with the bands new songs,which include Believe & Suffer I Shall, co-written with Gary Thomas, into the studio to mix their styles together to represent… Violent Faith.

These reproduced and remastered songs will be out later as their first full length release.

Always remember to Keep the Faith
as we are only human.


MANAGEMENT : Tracy Kerbuski + Gary Thomas Hoag
BOOKING : (North America / Canada)
Tracy Kerbuski:
Phone: 231-955-5277
PRESS & PROMO : Gary Thomas:


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