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Song "What I Want" by JOMO making Waves in the Music Industry
by: jomo


Atlantic City, NJ (PRWEB) January 8, 2011

Out of the city and home of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" comes an artist named JOMO with a song titled "What I Want" which is beginning to make rounds, make waves and make noise in the Music Industry. The song is turning heads through licensing, features and radio airplay which is distributed through Jomo's companies "Lyles-Belton Music" and "Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC,".

Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC, released Jomo's debut album in 2003 titled "America's Playground". Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC, released 2 mixtapes in the local area, then went on to release the Single/Ep from album titled "What I Want" in which the song chart on many radio charts.

Jomo has had his song “What I Want” licensed for video game TECK DECK LIVE, FRONTLIER FILMS, ON THE THROTTLE TV, LG PICTURES, independent film “800 Pound Gorilla” (a John Paxton Film), “Inspector Imtiaz: The Call Within” (a Sadar Khan film), UNDERGROUND PRODUCTIONS, Tv Show “The Extent” as well as many other projects. Jomo has also played small acting roles in 2 of John Paxton films including the aforementioned “800 Pound Gorilla”. It has just recently been licensed for use in the reality series “Life of A Dyme”, a new Brent Ford Snowboard Film and is now being considered for it's biggest movie to date "The Return of Joe Rich" by the renown director Sam Auster who is excited about the track. This movie can be researched on IMDb and is expected to be a stellar hit!

“What I Want” has been added in rotation to various Radio Stations with the latest being BREAK THRU RADIO out of California.

Jomo is from Atlantic City, NJ. He graduated from Atlantic City High School and played Basketball at North Carolina Central University while earning his BBA/Finance. Jomo is currently a Firefigher in Atlantic City and as aforementioned Co-owner of Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC, and owner of Lyles-Belton Music.

10 Jan 2011 01:37 AM    tag: Music
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